Trucker Safety – Are You In Control?

Safety Matters

The safety of truckers is an ever increasing topic, and if everyone did their part to look out for themselves and others we can all be a little safer.

Following are a few simple tips to stay safe and help others:

On The Road

  • Be alert when leaving. Criminal surveillance often begins at, or within a mile of, your origin
  • Do not discuss your cargo, destination, or other trip specifics on open channels or near people you don't know
  • If you believe you are being followed, call 911 and your dispatcher immediately
  • Avoid being boxed in. Where possible leave room in front and behind your truck
  • Look for vehicles following you, especially if there are 3 or more people in a car
  • If you believe you are being hijacked, try to keep your truck moving


  • Leave your truck in a secure parking lot or truck stop if possible; if not, be certain someone can watch your vehicle.
  • If team driving, always leave one person with the truck.
  • Never leave your vehicle running with the keys in it; shut off the engine and lock the doors.
  • If at all possible, do not stop in areas that are considered "hot spots" - unsafe or high crime areas.
  • Always lock the cargo door(s) with padlocks.
  • Use seals to prevent and identify tampering.

Your Truck

  • Use an engine kill switch.
  • Use tractor and trailer brake locking devices.
  • Criminals know about electronic tracking systems and how to dismantle them; check your system regularly, and notify dispatch when it is not working.
  • If you drop a trailer, use a fifth wheel lock whenever possible.