Premium Bookkeeping Service

TSC organizes all of your business information in one place, in an easy-to-understand format that allows you to review key information about how your business is performing.

Every truck owner-operator and fleet owner needs to know how his/her business is performing. TSC helps by breaking down revenue and expenses to the penny, then performs all the necessary calculations and presents the summarized data in an easy to use and understandable format.

Knowing where your best performing lanes or exact costs of operation is important when you need to tune your business for growth and peak performance. TSC helps you achieve that goal easily.

Accurate Book-keeping and records management

  • Trip Expenses
  • Operating Expenses
  • Income and Expense Statements
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Driver Settlement Reports
  • Key Performance Indicators Reports
  • Shippers, Receivers
  • Freight Brokers, Agents
  • Business Contacts
  • Drivers, Employees, Contractors
  • Fleet Equipment
  • Vendors, Suppliers

Accountant Ready Information

Most trucking business operations need to file quarterly taxes. By adding your accountant as an authorized user on your account, she can easily download/print accountant ready reports with all the necessary information available. All reports are generated in real-time and have a drill-down feature that allows in-depth review of each transaction. Critical reports are cross-referenced to allow seamless navigation between screens of information.

Automatic Invoice Generation

TSC automatically calculates and generates shipper/broker invoices in PDF format ready to print, fax or even mail (if you're still doing that). The ability to create invoices in real time is critical to ensuring that your cash-flow is not affected due to not submitting paperwork in a timely way.

Easily generate an invoice and email or fax it to the freight-bill payer as soon as your truck unloads. Immediate billing increases your chances of being paid ahead of the competition while all information about the load is available and fresh on everyone's mind.

Shipper/Broker Reports

Access your shipper and broker contact information in a searchable address book that is continuously updated as you build your shipper and broker database. Add important notes or remarks as needed to the shipper/broker profiles as reminders or even for the benefit of other authorized users on your account.

Analyze your business relationship with shippers. In a simple, easy to use organized format, review how much business you do with a particular shipper, then plan your marketing and customer service efforts accordingly. This report is invaluable when talking to a shipper because you have all the information about transactions you have done with that shipper at hand. -Quote confidently, discuss knowledgeably, ask for the business You have all the information at your fingertips.

Marketing / Lead Generation Tool

As your shipper database grows, you can begin to prospect for business to fill those empty trucks at market rates instead of back-haul rates or running huge dead-head miles.

You've seen it before: -a broker tenders a great load paying lots of money to a far away place and when you get there there are no loads coming back. Well, if you continuously grow your shipper database, you can easily start prospecting for return loads from that far away place before the truck gets there, thereby reducing your idle time and making money on the return trip at outbound market rates.

FMCSA Compliance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that certain data regarding trucking operations be maintained and made available for certain periods of time. TSC helps you meet and exceed that requirement by providing a safe, easily accessible portal where you can glean any required information with a few key-strokes. Never again fumble in dusty cabinets looking for yellowed receipts to verify a particular transaction, or spend countless hours reconciling driver settlement due to poor records.

Pull up maintenance records in seconds to review or plan equipment maintenance schedules, or just to evaluate how maintenance costs are impacting your business.

Driver Settlement Reports

With a few key strokes on your laptop, print driver reports, including break-down by driver or equipment

Secure / Encrypted website

Manage your business data securely. This website uses industry strength encryption technology to secure all communications between your browser and our servers. Notice the padlock icon that means secured!

Daily Data Backup

Never lose your information again. Our servers are backed up on a daily basis to ensure that customer data is not compromised or lost in the event of a catastrophic event.

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