IFTA Fuel Tax Reports

Sample TN IFTA Tax Return

  • Service includes reporting forms for:
    • Your Base State
    • Kentucky Weight Distance Report
    • New York (HUT) Distance Report
    • New Mexico Weight Distance Report
    • Oregon Distance Report
  • Electronic copies of Tax filings for your records to keep permanently
  • State mileage calculations and summary report
  • Trip summary report for each filing quarter
  • We also do data entry, validation, scanning, document management
  • We will send you back your paperwork in organized folders

Getting Started

Tax information is as accurate as the information you provide about your truck fleet. (Your fleet can be 1 or more trucks).

  • Sign up online (or fill out this Carrier Information Form)
  • After you receive your login information, use our online system to enter trip and fuel purchases
  • If you do not have access to our online services, you may send your trip/fuel data by email:
    • Use this Trip Cover Sheet (one per trip please)
    • The following information is required for each trip:
      1. Fuel purchase data: Gallons, Location (Vendor, City & State), Date, Total Amount Paid for each fueling
      2. Truck/Trailer Information (Unit number)
    • Scan and email paperwork to: fueltax@tripsheetcentral.com