Preparing for a Compliance Audit

Compliance Audit: How to Be Ready Long Before You Are Notified

Preparing for a compliance audit can be a very nerve-wracking, time-consuming event. From the minute you receive a notification of an audit, your brain begins to spin with all of the requirements and reporting that are necessary to pass. However, it is suggested that you prepare yourself and your team long before the letter arrives. This can be accomplished by the implementation of a solid workflow and a professionally organized record keeping system. Here are a couple of ways that you can help to guarantee a successful audit.

Make sure your team members are all using the same documentation.

It can be difficult to find the right logging system for your company, but once you decide on one, stick to it and make sure everyone is using it. If everyone in your fleet uses the same logging device or same logging documents providing information to an auditor becomes much easier.

Keep your team members on the same schedule

A large part of compliance auditing is making sure everyone and everything is happy and healthy. This includes both drivers and machinery. It is much easier to manage the health of both your employees and their machinery if they are all getting regular check-ups. Designate certain times of year for your employees to check in on their health, update medical certification, and make sure you have regularly scheduled maintenance for your fleet.

Regularly review your paperwork

While regularly reviewing your paperwork and logs seems like an easy concept, it is often over-looked because it seems so mundane. However, if you keep a good schedule of looking through accident documentation, health files, receipts, and trip reports when the time comes for an audit the entire process will seem much less overwhelming.

If you are able to implement and keep these practices, you will be on the road to success and be passing your compliance audit with flying colors!