Taking care of family -last?

That's an odd headline, but I figure it oughta catch anyone's attention fairly quickly.

As an owner operator, or independent truck business owner, you may fall into the category of small business owners that do not have big company benefits like health insurance or life insurance. Insurance of any kind these days is outrageously expensive, and even with the folks in congress talking about it all the time it is still a few years away from being useful to us right now when we need it.

I want to focus for now on life insurance. Driving a truck is much safer these days but there is still the odd chance that as a truck driver you could be involved in a fatal crash. Back when I was driving a truck, there are times I would be just so tired and yet I could not stop because I needed to cover more miles to make an on-time delivery. In many of those instances I dreaded falling asleep at the wheel and the thought of being in a crash often kept me awake. I thought of my wife and kids back home who depended entirely on me for the bread on the table, clothing, shelter, -you name it. I thought about buying life insurance and the one quote I got was so high I immediately shelved the idea.

Well, I'm now more informed about life insurance and the kind to buy. I'm not an expert on this, but I do know that Guaranteed Level Term Life Insurance can be purchased for less than a couple lunches a month. For instance, you can buy a $400,000 15-20yr guaranteed level term life insurance policy for about $30/month or a couple hundred/year depending on your age and health. This is a good buy, and peace of mind knowing that you're taking care of your family the last time you do. To get a free quote and see just how affordable it is go to Zander Insurance' website www.zanderins.com

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